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NRI International Affairs Office

NRI intends to cooperate with foreign research institute toward the internationalization of research and technology development in accordance with mutual interest in undertaking collaboration and for the purpose of establishing academic-industry relationships, and more specifically in order to extend the effective and mutually beneficial cooperation research and technology development in the Electric Power Industry. The areas of cooperation may include any program to promote the above-mentioned goals according to mutual consent, availability of funds and the approval of both parties. NRI with more than 500 research staff provides services in the following fields:
    • Research
    • Consulting
    • Design and know-how transfer
    • Software
    • Training
    • Lab services
Niroo Research Institute is interested in cooperating and interacting extensively in international projects and welcomes joint projects in related fields:

NRI International Cooperation

  • Joint research projects
  • Co-funding Projects
  • Research Services
  • Human resource training and exchange
  • Short-term and long-term scholarships
  • Workshops and training courses
  • Sharing infrastructures
  • Laboratory Services
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Commercialization
  • Joint conferences and publications
  • Matchmaking between research institutes and industrial companies.

Joint cooperation potentialities of NRI:

Power Generation

Power Generation:


  • Upgrading of power plant units including basic upgrade of gas and steam turbines to increase power, efficiency and life
  • Design, development and implementation of operation and maintenance management system for power plant units aiming performance optimization
  • Development of distributed generation power plants
  • Providing laboratory reference services related to the field of electricity production

Power Transmission

Power Transmission:


  • Design and construction of high power Static VAR Compensator (SVC)
  • Design and implementation of power marketing software
  • Design and implementation of general planning software
  • Design and construction of High voltage switch life estimating (aging) device
  • Design and construction of oil transformer monitoring device

Power Distribution

Power Distribution:


  • Develop master-plan for energizing the urban areas, rural areas or off-grid regions regarding to climatic and environmental condition
  • Determine accurate energy loss amount and propose optimal energy loss reduction solutions
  • Design and implementation of electrical distribution network automation, smart grid and micro grid
  • Design and production of modern power electronic devices like active power filter, electronic tap changer, etc.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of electrical distribution network equipment based on their critical function in electrical network
  • Feasibility study, optimal placement and apply renewable energies as well as define grid connection constraints and procedures

Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment:


  • Renewable Energy
    • Performing quality assurance test for PV Modules (Items related to solar simulator and EL tester)
    • Wind turbine design, design review, load calculation, wind farm design, issuing of performance and conformity certificates and farm monitoring
    • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), scientific and technical services and consultancy
    • Future study and consultancy in potential assessment and executing Renewable Energy systems (Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass and waste management, Geothermal resource exploration and so on)
  • Technology Development & Pollutants Management in the Power Sector
    • Air pollutants dispersion modeling based on the integrated WRF-CALPUFF model for thermal power plants
    • Pollution mapping of air pollutants emitted from thermal power plants.
    • External cost estimation of electricity generation.
    • Source apportionment of air pollutants for air quality management.
  • Energy Planning Projects
    • Optimal long-term capacity expansion mix for different energy sectors including electricity, oil and gas, renewables, nuclear and coal
    • Determination of energy shadow prices, required investment for different energy sectors, export and import of energy carriers, etc.
    • Forecasting Long-term final and useful energy demand in different sectors including residential, service, industry, transportation and agriculture
    • Determination of the effects of energy management policies and energy price increases on energy demand
    • Determination of the effects of interaction between macroeconomic sectors and the energy sector through soft- linking
  • Energy audit of buildings
    • Determination of energy consumption components based on different approaches (end-use, primary, natural gas and electricity)
    • Determination of energy consumption pattern for current state
    • Reduction of energy consumption in the buildings
    • Preparation of operating guidelines for office buildings

Standards, Tests and Inspection

Standards, Tests and Inspection:

  • Standards:
    • Establishment of joint commissions to develop international standards
    • Interaction in the application of common standards in the electricity network
    • Establishment of a database and development of a network of standard specialists
  • Laboratories
    • Providing mutual laboratory services in the field of electricity industry
    • Establish a joint laboratory network and test chain management in the network
    • Joint cooperation in equipping, developing and setting up laboratories in the electricity industry
    • Provide mutual services in calibration of laboratory equipment
    • Provide mutual services in evaluating and certifying laboratories
  • Technical inspection of equipment in the electricity industry
    • Development of mutual services for technical inspection of specialized equipment of the electricity industry
    • Establishing mutual interaction between technical inspection centers of specialized equipment of electricity industry
    • Establishment of a joint database and network of technical inspection specialists
    • Assess the qualifications of suppliers and compliance with the standards of specialized goods in the electricity industry

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International projects

Project Employer
1. Prioritize Actions for Design of Climate-Resilient Infrastructures in Iran with Specific Focus on Power Sector, According to Economic and Technological Aspects in Iran for “Climate Promise” Project " United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
2. Vulnerability of national infrastructures to climate change and priorities of resiliency-increasing actions in thermal power plants in Iran United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
3. Investigation of optimal desulphurization methods in the Iran's thermal power plants United Nations Development Program (UNDP)